5 Reasons Why VoIP Rocks

5 Reasons Why VoIP Rocks

There’s no doubt about it – VoIP rocks! Every business needs to make and receive phone calls. They can either buy an expensive on-premise PBX system that has limited functionality or use a scalable software system that costs less and is much more efficient, i.e. VoIP. I mean, it’s a complete no-brainer right?

Well when something sounds too good to be true it needs to be broken down and examined point by point, so that’s what we have done. Please see our top five picks for why we believe VoIP kicks PBX into touch every time!

  1. Cost: VoIP is considerably more cost effective than traditional landline and mobile providers. Why is this? VoIP makes effective use of the Internet to efficiently transport data - your call - to the recipient.
  2. No installation of hardware: As VoIP is cloud-based it makes the installation of traditional hardware redundant. This makes getting started is quicker, easier and more cost effective.
  3. Increased functionality: VoIP forms the basis of Internet Telephony and UCaaS (which stands for Unified-Communications-as-a-Service), which enables a whole host of additional features that enhance worker productivity, such as video calling, collaboration and instant messaging.
  4. New working practices: VoIP removes the shackles of traditional phone systems, that tie workers to the office. Employees can stay connected to the corporate phone system while working remotely, as the telephone system can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This means businesses can also save money on utilities and office space.
  5. Scalability: Adding new users to a VoIP system can be done at a click of a button, which means the technology seamlessly scales with the business, which means that there are no concerns when employment spikes or new branches are opened.

Clearly we love VoIP and hope you do just a little bit more now too! Speak to us about your comms strategy and hear about our range of solutions to fit your business by calling us on 020 3740 6740

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