Three best features of Nvoice for MS Teams

Three best features of Nvoice for MS Teams

Powered by the benefits of cloud computing and a number of smart, intuitive, and usable features; when it comes to collaboration, Microsoft Teams is a strong tool for any business looking to streamline team operations, boost productivity, and generally make life easier for their organisation. 

While it does bring some aspects of telephony through ‘Microsoft Phone System’, telephony is not one of the core functions of Teams. 

Nvoice for Microsoft Teams makes all the benefits of a leading cloud telephony and enterprise voice solution available and controllable from within the familiar Microsoft environment. 

We’ve written numerous times in the past about some of the broader ways in which Nvoice improves Microsoft Teams collaboration, but we are yet to have taken a more focused look at the additional features and functions that come with it. 
This smart and agile plugin comes with a number of powerful features that can bring newfound freedom to your business communications, and empower your team to do more with their online collaboration tools. 
Learn about a few of them below.


1. User-defined call forwarding

Most blogs and business talks on ‘productivity hacks’ will usually suggest such things as setting your phone to flight mode, or not checking your emails until at least midday. 
But this presents a conflict between focus and contactability. 

Thankfully, with the sophisticated call diverting capabilities of the Nvoice plugin for Microsoft Teams, you and your team can set specific numbers that are allowed to contact you for a set period of time, while the rest can go to voicemail or be diverted to a trusty co-worker – ready for you to catch up with at a time that suits you. 

This feature is not only perfect for when you want to get your head in a specific project for the day, but it can also provide incredible peace of mind if you want to remain contactable to family and friends in the event of an emergency. 


 2. ‘Call pull’ capability

Have you ever had to answer an important call on your mobile, only to need something from your desktop computer?  
The short-term benefits of quickly answering a call seem to fade away when you realise you only have one hand to use your desktop and pull up the files your team member wants to discuss. 
For customer service agents, this could mean a delay in pulling up the data needed to resolve their query – and in customer experience, every second counts massively influences satisfaction rates. 
Nvoice for Microsoft Teams comes with a smart and swift ‘call pull’ feature, allowing you to make those awkward times spent fumbling between multiple devices a thing of the past. 
With Nvoice’s call pull feature, you can seamlessly jump from one device to another without any interruption to your call. 


3. Single-number capabilities across all devices

Whether you’re on your desktop or personal mobile, colleagues, team members, clients and customers can all contact you using one single extension number. 

The beauty of this single-number dynamic is that it works both ways.  

Not only can you remain contactable from the same extension number across whatever device you might be using, and whatever location you might be in, but team members can also access their work voicemails, search for and dial contacts from the company address book, and access even more enterprise telephony features from their mobile device. 

This is ideal for organisations wanting to expand their remote capabilities, or for busy sales teams where staff need to remain contactable at most hours of the day while constantly being on the move 

Now agility and contactability never have to be at odds. Instead, they can work harmoniously thanks to Nvoice for MS Teams. 


And don’t forget about the other benefits of Nvoice

The full Nvoice solution integrates enterprise-level telephony capabilities into Microsoft Teams, transforming this leading cloud computing and collaboration platform into a fully unified communications solution. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Superior connectivity and consistent functionality in any location, on any device
  • No expensive hardware, upgrades and maintenance costs 
  • Hybrid communications solutions with flexible ‘pay for what you need’ options
  • Built-in business continuity, always-on performance, full regulatory compliance and complete security for all data. 


Key takeaways on Nvoice for MS Teams collaboration 

  • MS Teams boasts many attributes of a unified communications solutions, but it does not have enterprise-level telephony at its core 

  • User-defined call forwarding means you no longer have to choose between focus and contactability, you can have both 
  • Nvoice’s call pull feature allows users to seamlessly take a call from one device to another without interruption 

  • Nvoice enables team members to work across multiple devices, time zones and locations, remaining contactable through the same single extension number.
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