Can you rely on your telephone system for always-on business comms and data security?

Can you rely on your telephone system for always-on business comms and data security?


Lack of reliability leads to failures and inefficiencies

With 80% of business communications taking place over the phone[1], having a reliable telephone system is vital. Unfortunately, legacy phone systems are now anything but – often falling over and interrupting employee operations. The lack of effective and reliable communication systems can lead to failures and inefficiencies – 86% of employees cite lack of collaboration tools or ineffective communication for workplace failures[2]. Many legacy systems also require constant maintenance just to keep them running, driving up IT costs and causing frustration for technical teams.

Lack of security puts your business and data at risk

Particularly worrying is the fact that many legacy systems also store data in unprotected environments – creating risks which could lead to security breaches. Unprotected environments can also make it difficult to comply with regulations for data storage, particularly where information needs to stay within the European Union.

One question stands out: can you afford communications tools that are not always up and running to support your business?

Business comms with inbuilt reliability and security

It’s time to move on. The best of the latest cloud communications solutions are built on fully redundant infrastructure and network connections to eliminate single points of failure. The leading cloud communications offer specialist 24/7 support, with fast access to experts who can answer all your questions and keep your solution optimised.

These best-in-class solutions also offer end-to-end data protection, enabling you to eliminate the risks associated with unprotected environments and build in additional checks and balances, such as audits by trusted third-party security experts. Indeed, 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud[3].

The questions to ask before choosing a cloud telephony solution

Before you invest in a new cloud telephony solution, make sure you choose one that will always be up and running to support your business, is fully compliant with regulatory controls and ensures that your data will always be totally secure. You need to know:

  • Is the solution based on a redundant routing infrastructure and connections to multiple service providers and Internet exchanges?
  • Does the provider have geo-redundant data centres for availability in the event of a disruption at a particular site?
  • Do they provide 24/7/365 technical support, with fast access to experts who can answer your questions and keep your solution optimised?
  • Do they offer in-house service management of voice services, from end to end?
  • Will your data be encrypted and stored in fully compliant, EU data centres?
  • Does the provider have strict controls, avoiding the risk of inadvertent data sharing with third parties?
  • Is the provider subject to regular quality checks by independent auditors?


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