How the cloud gives you futureproof communications software

How the cloud gives you futureproof communications software

The modern landscape of communications technology is unpredictable to say the least. 

It’s a market that evolves and changes with breakneck pace. Just as quickly as new providers, platforms and tech capabilities can emerge, they can become obsolete. 
As a result, the ability for businesses to remain responsive and ahead of the curve – with the best possible systems and solutions in place at all times – is key. 

This is true of many areas of office technology, but most urgent is the case of enterprise communications software.

The deadline for telephony migration is nearing

With the ISDN switch off veering ever closer into view, millions of organisations must adapt to a more modern telephony system in order to survive, before old telephone lines are rendered obsolete.

The businesses that are yet to decide which communications solution to adopt for the future are being subjected to mounting two-way pressure... 
Their solution of choice not only needs to help them survive the obsoletion of legacy systems, but it also needs to ensure they can communicate and collaborate well enough to compete in the post-ISDN world. But as is often the case with any significant business decision, there seems to be a shared sense of hesitancy.  
The problem of course being that investing in and maintaining up-to-date business technology is always far simpler in theory than in practice. 


The costly pursuit of the latest communications software

Unless you have a specific selection of team members keeping a close eye on the latest innovations in your space, the legwork needed to properly research and assess new systems can quickly swallow up your internal resources. 
Not to mention eat into your productivity.  
Research has shown that in 2010 for example, businesses in the UK spent 18 working days per month managing their on-site IT security. 
In addition to that, there’s there are also the issues of budget and risk. 
With every investment decision comes the inherent possibility of backing the wrong horse. 
When that happens, you have to start the whole process all over again, only with tighter purse strings than before. 

So how can businesses hope to maintain leading edge capabilities, remain profitable, and minimise the risks that come with new systems investments? 
The answer: cloud-hosted software. 


Futureproofing your communications with cloud telephony 

Cloud-based telephony software is not only the optimal choice for businesses looking to migrate their legacy phone systems to a Voice over Internet Protocol, but it also enables them to be on the latest technology at all times. 
Like all cloud software offerings, cloud-based telephony is ‘futureproof’ by design. 
Rather than requiring physical hardware systems that are maintained on premise (like the office telephone systems of old), cloud telephony software is intangible – hosted in a cloud environment and maintained by a third-party service provider. 
This means your telephony systems can be seamlessly upgraded and enhanced in real time. And adopting the latest functionality you need can usually be done in a matter of clicks. 

This eliminates the time, cost and general rigmarole associated with ripping and replacing systems once your existing ones have become dated.  

With a cloud-based telephony system, you remain up to date forever – with no cost, no risk, and none of the operational hindrances that come with implementation, training and maintenance. 

Integrate with the latest tools and unify your communications channels

85% of high-performing businesses believe that APIs are essential to their growth, so it’s good news that cloud telephony makes software integrations seamless too.  

Rather than having to use a loose, disparate web of piecemeal tools, cloud telephony grants you access to a whole host of integrations with other leading communications programs and applications – all through one simple, user-friendly interface. 

This not only allows you to effectively unify all of your communications channels and internal communications tools, but it also helps to ensure that all of those modes of communication are the best they can be at all times.  
These latest and best new solutions can be integrated into your system easily and at no extra cost. 


Remain future-proof in more ways than one

Not only does cloud telephony keep you ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancement, it also keeps you one step ahead of your business growth trajectory.  
Another advantage of cloud telephony systems is that they can scale up far more seamlessly than their on-premise, hardware-based counterparts. 
This means that you never have to worry about your operations growing faster than your infrastructure can keep up with. 

Check out our ultimate guide to Cloud Telephony and find more about the benefits it has to offer.


Final thoughts

The key to surviving volatile marketplace changes, particularly where technology and communications software is concerned, is making smart investments that you can be sure will tide you over for the long term. 
To survive in the coming years, eliminating the risks and costs of having to continuously retool, rethink and reinvest in new systems time and again is crucial.  
A cloud-based telephony system empowers you to do exactly that.

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