Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Considering switching from a hardware-based business phone system to an internet-based solution? Well, consider your search at an end! 
The time for office phone systems to go internet-based is NOW. 
Read on to learn why businesses shouldn’t delay when looking to upgrade their phone system. 


“The Big Switch Off” 

The current core telecommunications network in the UK is a system largely composed of underground copper wires that were installed by BT in the 1980s. 
While elements of the network have been digitised and updated as communications technology has evolved, this core network has remained in place for decades. 
But now, it has finally reached the point where the drawbacks of the ageing infrastructure outweigh the benefits. 
And, the capabilities that fully internet-based (otherwise known as cloud) business phone systems have over their landline counterparts are simply too superior to ignore. 
So to that end, the UK’s old telecoms network will finally be retired by the year 2025. 

From then onwards, all businesses will have to have an internet-based phone system in place – it’s that, or buy a mobile phone for each and every employee in your organisation, a an option which comes with its own intensive resource management requirements. 


Why you shouldn’t wait… 

To those of you who saw The Big Switch Off deadline above and breathed a sigh of relief – trust us when we say that 2025 is closer than you think. 

If your plan was to do nothing until 2025, then you might want to re-evaluate.  
The longer you wait to switch, the more difficulties you will find yourself facing.


Landline service quality will deteriorate 

Before the decision was made to retire the UK’s telecommunications network, maintenance work was carried out to keep up its service quality. 
These works will now wind down as the switch off date approaches, meaning that businesses using landline systems will continue to experience a deterioration in service quality until they switch to internet telephony – better known as cloud telephony.


Assessing your options takes time 

Choosing the right business phone system for your needs, structure and long-term objectives is an important decision. 
The sooner you start researching and investigating the options available to you, the sooner you can make the switch and access all the advantages it gives you.  
And the less likely you are to choose a suboptimal system in a rush. 


Internet-based phones make better business sense 

In the early days of internet-hosted phone systems and voice technology, there were concerns about the connectivity, consistency, and quality of calls. 
Now, the quality of online communications is better than ever.  
The longer you wait to make the switch, the more you are depriving yourself of the benefits it has to offer, such as…


Reduced costs 

With no need for line rental or physical hardware, internet phone systems offer significant cost savings over traditional office phone systems. 


Greater flexibility 

With internet telephony, your whole team can make and receive calls through the same business phone number, from any location, on any device.  
Business phone systems like these are perfect for teams looking to adopt hybrid working practices.


Futureproof systems 

Internet-based phone systems update automatically, meaning that you can always be on the latest and best technology, without the need for on-site maintenance or costly upgrades. 

Learn more about switching to an internet-based phone system, and how to make your transition as smooth as possible. Speak to a member of the NFON team today.

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