How to make your unified communications more cost efficient

How to make your unified communications more cost efficient


Save money, time and workload

If you’re one of the 500,000 businesses using Microsoft Teams for workplace collaboration, you’ll be aware of how cloud communications support flexible working. What you may not be aware of, though, is how cloud communications can deliver highly tangible cost savings.

If you integrate your Microsoft Teams platform with an enterprise-grade cloud telephony solution, you’ll have all the features you’ve come to expect from your enterprise voice service, but without having to pay for separate phone lines and hardware.

Plus, by enabling your people to integrate irrespective of location or device, you can make further savings because you no longer require so many physical sites or facilities. You can cut down on expensive office space and the associated admin costs.

Collaboration with maximum flexibility and scalability

Integrating cloud telephony into your Microsoft Teams environment means that everything is shifted to a licence-based subscription model. You don’t need any additional system hardware, and only pay for what you need. You can also choose to have a hybrid environment where some users utilise Microsoft Teams and others utilise your cloud telephony solution, depending on their needs.

Cloud solutions are easy to deploy and configure, and are fully scalable to ensure that your communications continue to support your business without huge hardware and site investments.

The ability to fully integrate with mobile devices results in time-saving and improved efficiency for your remote workers, ensuring they’re always ready to respond to business opportunities. It also removes business risk by enabling easy integration of new applications which may be required to support your business in the future.

Choosing the right solution for more cost-effective communication

Before you invest in a solution to integrate enterprise telephony into Microsoft Teams, make sure you choose one that’s designed to maximise your cost savings potential. You need a solution that offers:

  • Reduced hardware, licencing and calling costs
    • Cloud-based telephony to remove the need for phone lines and hardware
    • Subscription-based, hybrid service to ensure you only pay for what you need
    • Worldwide economical communications access
    • Automatic centralised billing for ease and simplicity
  • Reduced infrastructure and ongoing maintenance
    • The ability to support your company and your users from anywhere at any time
    • Zero-touch hardware auto provisioning for easy set-up
    • Reduced admin workloads with web-browser access to accounts
    • Automatic, free, lifelong software updates reducing expensive up-grades
    • Easily scalable to support business growth
  • Reduced workloads and improved efficiencies
    • More effective collaboration for faster decision making
    • Reduced travel for face-to-face meetings – saving time, money and carbon
    • End-user training to promote efficiencies that can be gained from unified communications

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