Maximising the power of Microsoft Teams

Maximising the power of Microsoft Teams

True digital transformation connects people, data and applications. In education, one of the newest,  powerful and most successful platforms is Microsoft Teams.

Teams has helped learing become collaborative. Schools and colleges now have a digital hub, providing educators with a dynamic and user-friendly learning environment. Conversations, assignments, file sharing and apps can all be found together in one place. Staff are connected via many channels - and all from a single application.
Teams, however, does not have telephony built in with quality voice functionality. Nvoice for Microsoft Teams makes up for this, hosting intelligent telephony features at its core. When integrated, the suites provide a powerful unified communications experience.

Nvoice for Microsoft Teams and Education at a glance

  1. Powerful communication features in the familiar Teams environment, which work seamlessly with Cloudya.
  2. Supports all staff to communicate more efficiently and productively on their preferred devices, regardless of location.
  3. Offers a subscription-based service to bring greater cost efficiencies and reduce admin costs.  Pay only for what you need, with flexibility to adapt to busier periods in the academic year.
  4. If Teams is having issues, there's an automatic transfer over to Cloudya. This ensures service continuity and makes for a smoother calling experience for students, staff and parents without delays.
  5. Champions a hybrid environment – staff they can work through Cloudya or Teams, depending on their preference.
  6. Integrates simply within the Teams interface, with no additional hardware needed. No need to pay for hardware or phone line costs.

A key recommendation of the Government’s EdTech Strategy is to consider the benefits of moving to cloud-based IT systems. Introducing cloud communications does not need to be time-consuming, and choosing solutions which integrate easily with Microsoft Teams helps ensure there's no impact on processes, operations and learning.

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