NFON UK offers Operator Connect to its Wholesale Partners

NFON UK offers Operator Connect to its Wholesale Partners

NFON UK has become one of only a few UC vendors in the UK to offer Microsoft Operator connect to its wholesale partner network, allowing their customers to connect their PSTN world with Microsoft Teams, in one seamless interface, and provision numbers for PSTN calls.

What is Operator Connect and why might a customer want it, what are the benefits?

A company may choose to use Operator Connect from Microsoft in various circumstances and scenarios to enhance its communication and collaboration capabilities. Here are some common circumstances in which a company might opt for Operator Connect:

Unified Communication Needs: When a company wants to consolidate its communication tools into a single platform. Operator Connect allows businesses to integrate telephony services seamlessly into Microsoft Teams, creating a unified communication hub for messaging, calling, video conferencing, and collaboration.

Remote and Hybrid Work Environments: In the context of remote or hybrid work environments, where employees work from various locations, Operator Connect can provide a central communication platform that allows teams to collaborate effectively, regardless of physical location.

International Operations: For businesses with international operations or a global workforce, Operator Connect can be valuable. It enables seamless international calling and communication without the need for multiple phone systems or providers.

Scalability: When a company anticipates growth or changes in call volume, Operator Connect can scale to accommodate these needs. It's suitable for businesses of varying sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises.

Cost Efficiency: Companies looking to reduce communication costs and simplify their IT infrastructure may opt for Operator Connect. Consolidating communication services into a single platform can lead to cost savings and more efficient management.

Advanced Calling Features: Businesses that require advanced calling features, such as call routing, voicemail, call analytics, and call forwarding, can benefit from Operator Connect's capabilities.

Centralised Management: When IT administrators seek a centralized solution for managing and configuring phone system settings, Operator Connect offers a streamlined management interface within the Microsoft Teams admin centre.

Security and Compliance Requirements: Companies with stringent security and compliance requirements may choose Operator Connect because it is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, which includes robust security features and compliance tools.

Integration with Microsoft 365: If a company is already using Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive, Operator Connect provides seamless integration, making it easier for employees to access and collaborate on documents and emails.

Reliability and Redundancy: Businesses that prioritise reliability and uptime in their communication services may opt for Operator Connect, as Microsoft invests in ensuring the reliability and redundancy of its services.

Customer Service Enhancements: Companies looking to improve their customer service and responsiveness can use Operator Connect to ensure that customer calls are efficiently handled and routed to the appropriate teams or agents.

Modernization Initiatives: As part of a broader digital transformation or modernization effort, companies may adopt Operator Connect to modernize their communication infrastructure and keep up with the latest technology trends.

It's important to note that the specific circumstances and reasons for using Operator Connect may vary from one company to another. Organisations should assess their unique communication needs, consider their current infrastructure, and evaluate how Operator Connect aligns with their goals and objectives before implementing it as a communication solution.

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