NFON’s Journey in the UK

NFON’s Journey in the UK


It’s hard to believe that NFON AG has only been operating in the UK market for six years. Since the formation of a small team in Acton, we start 2020 with the recruitment of our 50th employee!

So, how have we achieved this journey of growth? First thing’s first, we need to celebrate the ingenuity of the NFON founding team who recognised the market opportunity for cloud telephony and then invested significant resources in building such a phenomenal and competitive product.

The company had the foresight to see that there was a revolution brewing in the voice communications market. It’s exactly the same as what happened with data a decade ago when cloud computing streamlined hardware laden businesses to paperless, software-driven machines. As a result of this, cloud communications is now an essential building block of any viable digital strategy to enable staff to work flexibly.

Fast-forward to the present, we have now married a great product with great partnerships, and it’s no wonder we have experienced such phenomenal growth in the UK. The contact centre market has evolved greatly over the last year, and due to this changing landscape, we have capitalised on growth via our Ncontactcenter product.

With this growth we have obviously upgraded and expanded our premises. We now boast a spacious office in Uxbridge and in 2018 we also opened our first regional office in Manchester. This strategic move meant that we were able to build upon the success we were already having in the region. It also meant we could enhance our support for our Northern partners, by offering closer training facilities, increasing response time for site visits and having more localised distribution. 

So, there you have it – great technology, great partners and superb new offices – the sky is absolutely the limit for NFON’s cloud telephone system!

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