Professional Services as a Service from NFON UK

Professional Services as a Service from NFON UK


What is Professional Services as a Service?

We have developed Professional Services as a Service (PPSaaS) to provide our partners with access to a dedicated team of Professional Services Engineers who can assist in the technical implementation of projects through consultation and support, or by carrying out the technical delivery of a project from start to finish. This can offer several benefits, such as cost savings, specialised expertise, and access to larger customer opportunities.


Who is this service available to?

Partners of NFON UK


Which partners would most benefit from this service?

Partners who have limited internal resources and may not have a dedicated engineering or technical department, the necessary knowledge and skills or have major time constraints. PSaaS allows them to access professional services without the need to hire and manage an in-house team while providing them expertise and cost-effectiveness.


What services does Professional Services as a Service offer?

We offer a wide range of Professional Services to support partners in achieving their goals and can include:

Support/consultation over the course of your implementation. Not just with faults or problems but with advice and explanations on how the platform works in detail and what NFON specific terminologies mean.

Direct assistance: Your teams will have direct access to the NFON project engineer throughout any projects. Via an MS Teams channel, regular calls or emails, our project engineer will be on hand to help however suits you.

Data Capture and Documentation: NFON will go through an information gathering process with the customer on a capture call, using the gather data to put together a document detailing all services being provided and detail how it will work for customer sign-off.

Project Engineering: NFON will build the customer configurations in full. Whether Cloudya PBX or one of our value-added services, NFON will construct and test the system on your behalf.

Post Go-Live Support: The Pro Services Engineer will be your contact 2-4 weeks after go-live to provide support and make tweaks and changes. This will be followed by a handover to the NFON support team as well as the partner’s own if required.

In-Life Reviews: Regular reviews of already in use solutions with our partner and their customer to evaluate the way they are working and identify ways to improve. NFON will then document and complete any agreed upon work.

It's important to note that these services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each partner and the scope and extent of the required activity may vary based on technical expertise, goals, budget and need.


What does PSaaS cost?

The cost can vary. We have several different options a partner can choose from based on the level of assistance required, the length of contract (3 months or 12 months) and the expected number of seats over that term. However, these are not set in stone and can be adjusted to meet the business's goals and requirements and we continue to have our standard day or half-day rate. Talk to us about pricing.


How do I start with PSaaS?

It's pretty straight forward actually. Just talk to your account manager and they will look at the different options available with you and help you to choose the package that best suits your needs.


What is not included in a PSaaS subscription?

Anything that is not included in the PSaaS service description.

Contact Centre Hub Professional Services as these have their own prices and descriptions specific to that product.



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