How to progress your career while working from home

How to progress your career while working from home

Businesses across the world have had to quickly adjust to a completely new working model – for many the focus has been on quickly establishing technologies, systems and processes that enable seamless communication and continuity of operations. However, it’s important not to forget the greatest asset of every business – its people.

Happy staff are more engaged and more productive. That’s why making them feel valued and rewarded needs to be a top priority. However, this is harder task when staff work remotely – and as such they can feel their career is suffering.

It’s important that the business continues to develop and promote staff. It’s equally as important that staff know what they can do to ensure they keep progressing. Here are our top tips to ensure your career keeps moving forwards:

  • Strategic communication with the boss: It’s important that your boss knows about the great work you are doing, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of ‘presenteeism’ or being perceived as a ‘busy fool’ by inundating them. Moreover, it’s better to schedule regular catch-ups with tight agendas, which will enable you to showcase progress.

  • Learn new skills: To ensure that you aren’t standing still you need to take ownership of your career. You can do this by proactively looking for more opportunities to learn new skills and by asking for training in areas where you want to develop or where you can add value to the business.

  • Being a team player: To enhance your visibility in a positive way it’s crucial to be perceived as a team player. You can achieve this by speaking up with suggestions during meetings, offering to help colleagues and by contributing to other people’s projects.

  • Implement feedback: Getting and addressing feedback is crucial to success. Make sure that you have your appraisal scheduled and be sure to listen to feedback and discuss ways of implementing it, so that you can move forwards and take on more responsibility, which will help you justify any promotion requests.
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