Seven Reasons Why You Need a Professional Contact Centre

Seven Reasons Why You Need a Professional Contact Centre

Digital transformation is in full swing. Increasingly, business processes and customer contacts take place online. Because customers can switch providers at the click of a button, those organisations that want to stand out from the competition must offer an outstanding customer experience. A growing number of businesses of all types and sizes have recognised the importance of customer satisfaction and rely on professional contact centre solutions to manage their customer communication.

Choosing a contact centre in the cloud is the most modern and elegant solution. Here are seven good reasons why you should consider a cloud platform:

Your customers want to be served more quickly. Customer expectations are higher than ever before. Your customers don't want to wait for an answer or repeatedly be transferred to another department. Always aim to resolve their issues within 24 hours; otherwise, you risk losing customers. Surveys show that 82% of customers have stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service.

You need business continuity. You must be available to your customers around the clock, even if your customer service representatives work remotely or from home. An advanced contact centre solution not only delivers the reliability and voice quality you need, it also helps you to be compliant and secure.

Smart platforms optimise your customer communication. For example, by automatically routing callers to the right contact. This results in better contact centre performance and shorter response times. Data analytics allows you to plan ahead and to continuously improve your service.

Connect with customers over their preferred channel. With a true omnichannel solution, your customers can meet you on the communication channel of their choice. All relevant customer information is recorded in one place, and channels are integrated across phone, email, WhatsApp and more to ensure a seamless customer experience.

With a cloud solution, you don't have to invest in hardware. A contact centre platform in the cloud is quick and easy to set up, always up to date and future-proof. You save on hardware and maintenance costs while the platform grows with your business.

Your contact centre agents work in virtual teams. This means more flexibility for your business; at the same time, your customers have faster access to competent experts. A cloud platform lets your employees use powerful communication features no matter where they are, so they can be more productive and work more efficiently. And your customers are connected with the right person straight away.

You want all the advantages of the cloud. Scalability, agility, cost control, automatic updates and worldwide availability – with a cloud solution, you are fully prepared for changing business requirements.

NFON offers a full range of state-of-the-art contact centre solutions. The new Contact Center Hub is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses: with powerful features, quick to set up and easy to use. So even if your team is small, you can still deliver a highly professional customer experience.

You want to delight your customers? Find out more about NFON Contact Center Hub here.

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