What trends are dominating the UK contact centre market in 2023?

What trends are dominating the UK contact centre market in 2023?

The hype around the new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities has been hard to ignore, with experts unsure on whether AI will save the world or end it.

Here at NFON, we agree that AI holds the potential to deeply impact the way we work. That’s why we’ve been happy to implement the latest wave of Generative AI (Gen AI) technologies from Daktela to great effect in our own contact centre product, and are excited to see where this journey will take us.

What does the future hold? While no crystal ball can tell us exactly what twists and turns lie ahead, these are exciting times for our industry. McKinsey predicts Customer Operations are one of four business functions expected to drive 75% of the economic value generated by Gen AI (with Sales and Marketing another). They reckon the integration of Gen AI into customer operations could improve productivity by up to 45 percent.

Far from the gloomy prospect of cataclysmic job losses, we’ve seen digital technologies transform our capabilities, automating the boring, repetitive tasks that none of us liked doing in the first place.


What new capabilities are being added to call and contact centre solutions? And what innovations are on the horizon?

NFON’s Contact Center Hub features reflect this spirit of AI augmenting rather than replacing human intelligence. This innovative technology provides contact centre agents with new opportunities to delight the customer. It enhances job satisfaction and increases the time available for meaningful dialogue with consumers.

We ’re dedicated to staying ahead of the pack and set new standards for voice-centric customer service. What’s more, we have the latest features to prove it.

These include GPT Summarisation which makes it easier to know exactly what’s required with each ticket. Then there’s GPT Compose which lets you get back to customers at speed with well-crafted responses.

Our AI Mailbot efficiently categorises your incoming email. Rapidly learning more about your preferences each time you use it, this clever bot soon delivers time-saving results.

The Realtime Users Widget enables you to see contact centre activity and capacity at any given moment. Moreover, during an ongoing activity, the agent can effortlessly invite or transfer the activity to the selected agent. And when you receive notifications about changes in your tickets or your calendar, you can now quickly move them the Notification Centre by a click of a button.


How should resellers and MSPs go about selecting vendors partners?

Understanding clients' specific needs is crucial; a vendor's offerings must align with the industries and customer bases they serve. Evaluating the vendor's technology stack is also essential. Robust features like omnichannel support, AI integration, scalability, and analytics capabilities should be considered. And assessing the vendor's reputation and track record in delivering reliable solutions and providing responsive customer support is paramount. Flexibility in deployment options, whether on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid, should match the varied needs of clients. Additionally, considering the vendor's security measures, compliance with data regulations, and future innovation roadmap is essential for long-term viability.

Lastly, fostering open communication and a strong partnership dynamic is key. Vendor alignment with your business goals ensures a cohesive approach to customer satisfaction and ongoing success.


What additional services can resellers and MSPs consider to create compelling call and contact centre offerings?

They can enhance their call and contact centre offerings by providing a range of additional services.

Customisation and integration services allow tailoring solutions to specific client needs, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems. Training and support services empower clients to maximise their technology investment by offering comprehensive training for agents, supervisors, and administrators. Analytics and reporting services provide actionable insights from customer interactions, aiding clients in refining their strategies and improving customer experiences; and offering security and compliance audits ensures data protection and adherence to industry regulations, instilling trust in clients' operations.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring services guarantee uninterrupted performance and swift issue resolution and strategic consulting for process optimisation and technology updates assists clients in staying ahead of industry trends.

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