Focus on Security: NFON receives C5 Attestation

Focus on Security: NFON receives C5 Attestation

Data and corporate security is an essential aspect of any communications strategy. Especially with cloud services, security should always be a focus. But how secure is the cloud actually? And what distinguishes a secure cloud provider from an unsecure one?

In order to be able to answer these questions reliably, a standardisation for the evaluation of data security is especially beneficial. This is where the C5 attestation comes into play, a catalogue of criteria from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that evaluates the security architecture of a cloud provider.

Thanks to extensive security measures, NFON has received a C5 attestation (Type 1). Thereby, it’s establishing itself as an ideal partner for security-sensitive customers who are active in areas such as research & development, the public sector, or the financial and healthcare industries.


What is the C5 security standard?

In a digitalised working world, the protection of corporate data is paramount. Therefore, the question arises as to how this data can remain in safe hands while complying with European data protection laws in the best way possible.


Definition of the C5 catalogue

The Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was developed to increase information security for cloud providers. The C5 attestation proves that the cloud provider is trustworthy and reliably operates the cloud service.

The BSI C5 guidelines cover various aspects of information security, including data privacy, data security, IT security, compliance, and risk management. They provide structured guidance for organisations to ensure that their data and applications are adequately protected in the cloud and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.

Over the years, the C5 catalogue has become an important decision factor. As it helps with finding the right cloud provider. Especially when high security standards are crucial, the BSI C5 is an important comparison benchmark.


What does NFON's C5 attestation mean for our customers?

The multitude of available cloud platforms and the constant technological changes make choosing a secure and reliable cloud provider not always easy.

For companies that deal with sensitive data or operate across national borders, NFON's C5 certification offers a practical point of reference. In this way, compliance with international standards can be verified, especially regarding data security and compliance.


More transparency through standardised security

Companies and decision-makers are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cloud platforms available. The responsibility for the security of their data makes the selection of a suitable provider a complex task.

This is where the C5 guidance serves as an objective basis for risk assessment and makes it easier to compare different cloud service providers based on their security practices.

It includes test mechanisms for authorisation, authentication and other security-relevant processes. This standardised approach makes it easier for users to verify that NFON, as a cloud service provider, is well positioned in terms of information security and data protection.


Finding a trustworthy partner in the cloud sector

In Germany and other European countries, it is common to use C5 ratings when selecting cloud services. For public institutions, the existence of a C5 attestation is often a prerequisite for awarding contracts in the cloud sector.

The C5 standard therefore serves as a quality feature and allows providers to be evaluated based on a third, independent authority. Consequently, NFON's compliance with the C5 catalogue is not only a benchmark for IT security, but also ensures that all operational processes can be controlled securely.


What sets us apart from competitors

NFON's transparent alignment with the C5 criteria highlights our robust data security strategy. It enables us to meet international standards and create a secure environment for all our customers' data.

Not only are our services and processes compliant with the C5 guidelines, but in many instances we go even further. Regular reviews and continuous development are part of our commitment to the C5 standards. This enables us to ensure that all processes meet not only current but also future security requirements.

With this comprehensive approach, we create a trustworthy environment for our customers and partners and position ourselves as a security pioneer in a market that is becoming increasingly complex.


Who are we targeting with the C5 security framework?

The C5 framework is targeted at users that require a high level of security and data protection. The public sector and public authorities are a prime example. As they can gain an increased level of trust in a cloud service through the security certification.

In addition, companies that handle public contracts benefit from the proven conformity, which opens the door for B2G business models. At the same time, research institutions, whose sensitive data is often subject to high security requirements, gain benefits from a C5 attestation.

Financial service providers who process large amounts of confidential transaction data can improve risk management through the framework. And finally, in the healthcare sector, where data protection is enormously important, the C5 guidance provides a solid foundation for the secure and compliant operation of cloud solutions.


What is the benefit of the NFON C5 certification for our partners?

Partnering with a C5-compliant company like NFON is an important factor for how clients perceive you. Creating trust sits at the core of any business relationship, and transparency and reliability have a massive effect on client decisions.

Especially when it comes to their sensitive data, customers value security. By following the C5 guidance, you can guarantee the security of the cloud solution you offer.

NFON's C5 attestation, type 1, underlines our reliability and offers partners the certainty of being committed to the success and security of their customers, too.

With NFON as a partner, you can not only promise security and trust, but also guarantee it – building successful business relationships that last.


Conclusion: C5 certifies cloud security

For both customers and partners of NFON, the C5 attestation is a confirmation of our extensive security measures. It creates trust and proves our focus on reliable and secure cloud processes.



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