Safeguarding your business-critical communications

Safeguarding your business-critical communications


Big risk, simple solution

Whether it’s internal collaboration, interacting with customers or bringing together a global supply chain, communications are the life-blood of business today. If communications are interrupted, business can be hit hard both financially and reputationally.

For businesses relying on Microsoft Teams as their sole communications solution, any failure of Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Phone System means an interruption to your communications and operations. But it’s easy to mitigate this risk. Simply integrate Microsoft Teams with a reliable cloud telephony system – with automatic failover – to keep your communications up and running.

Gain continuity and peace of mind

By integrating a cloud telephony solution with Microsoft Teams, you’re ensuring continuity of service in the event of an issue with the Microsoft Teams platform. But you need to ensure that the solution is up to the job. For true peace of mind, you need a failover solution that is built on fully redundant architecture, including highly secure, geo-redundant data centres to eliminate single points of failure and ensure business continuity.

With a suitable failover in place, your business can continue to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally, ensuring that your organisation is always fully open for business.

You’ll also need great technical support and fast access to experts who can answer your questions and keep your solution optimised.

Protecting your data

At the same time, you need to ensure you’ve got adequate safeguards in place to protect your company and customer data. Regulatory compliance in this area is a challenge for many, but it’s an essential part of managing a modern business.

Many cloud telephony solutions store data in unprotected server rooms or cloud data centres abroad, making compliance with regulations for data storage difficult – particularly where data needs to stay within the EU.

Your solution needs to be always on, fully compliant with regulatory controls and deliver complete security for all your data.

Ensuring your solution delivers total reassurance

Before you invest in a solution to integrate cloud telephony into Microsoft Teams, choose one that’s fully secure and resilient to ensure your business continuity. You need to make sure that it offers:

  • High availability for voice services
    • Fully redundant infrastructure that runs below 50% capacity for real-time failover in the event of an outage
    • Redundant routing infrastructure and connections to multiple service providers and internet exchanges
    • Geo-redundant data centres for availability in the event of a disruption at a particular site
    • Access to 24/7/365 UK-based technical experts
  • Excellent quality of voice services
    • End-to-end in-house service management
    • Regular quality checks by independent auditors
  • End-to-end data security
    • “Secure by design” architecture
    • Strict controls, with no risk of inadvertent data sharing with third parties
    • Data encrypted and stored in fully-compliant EU data centres

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