Support as a Service (SaaS) from NFON UK

Support as a Service (SaaS) from NFON UK


What is Support as a Service?

Support as a Service (SaaS) gives Partners access to a proficient and highly knowledgeable support team when they are unable to support their customers as fully as they'd like.

SaaS operates as a subscription-based service, and its terms are determined in accordance with the NFON Customer SLA (Service Level Agreement: Cloudya).

Who is this service available to?

All NFON UK Partners.

Which partners would most benefit from this service?

For all our valued NFON UK Partners who may have limited internal resources, lack a dedicated support department, or find themselves constrained by time, Support as a Service (SaaS) presents an ideal solution.

With SaaS, you can tap into professional support services without the hassle of recruiting and maintaining an in-house team. This not only offers you expert assistance but also the flexibility to scale up as needed, all while keeping your support costs under control.

What services does Support as a Service offer?

  • Unleash the Expertise: Benefit from our team of highly skilled Certified Technical Engineers who possess an in-depth knowledge of our products and services.

  • Personalised Support Journey: Offer your customers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support through our interactive NFON ticketing system and phone support, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience

  • Simplified Communication: Provide your customers with a single point of contact to our dedicated NFON UK Support team, making their support interactions more efficient.

  • Versatile Support: Our service extends beyond mere incident management, addressing outages, adds/moves/changes, and service requests, all while maintaining a dedicated team at your disposal

  • Real-Time Updates: Grant your customers access to the NFON status page at, allowing them to subscribe and stay informed about maintenance schedules and outages.

  • Escalation Resolution: Your customers gain access to NFON UK’s escalation and complaints process, ensuring that their concerns are promptly addressed.

  • Proactive Service Reviews: We offer service reviews tailored to your needs, helping you avoid escalations and complaints through continuous improvement.

  • Business Hour Assurance: Our service is available during standard business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding bank holidays. NFON UK also provides out-of-hours support for critical P1 and P2 service disruptions; refer to our SLA for more information

  • Tailored Support Channels: Enjoy a range of dedicated support channels that cater to your specific requirements.

How much does SaaS cost?

A minimum subscription period of 12 months is required. There will be an initial one-time setup fee, a recurring monthly service flat fee, and an additional monthly charge for each active license.

The precise costs depend on the type of active license in use. Detailed pricing information can be obtained from your dedicated Account Manager and is also available at the time of your SaaS subscription order.

Where do I find out more?

Interested in this new service and want to find out more? Simply reach out to your Account Manager today and they will work with you to ensure the best option for you and your customers.

What is not included in a SaaS subscription?

Service Levels do not apply when any of the following conditions exist:

  • A Force Majeure condition is present as described in the contract.

  • SaaS does not provide on-site support.

  • NFON UK cannot provide network support and cannot advise the customer with regards to the network infrastructure that is required or support the customer with its implementation, operation, or incident resolution.

  • NFON UK cannot provide support in respect of internal connection and cannot advise the customer with regards to the internal connections required in the implementation, operation, and incident resolution thereof.

  • NFON UK doesn’t routinely give any advice with regards to connection and use of the NFON telephone system that goes beyond the scope of the interface specification.

  • NFON UK will provide support only to NFON certified end-user devices

  • NFON UK is not responsible and cannot offer support for the customer’s Internet Access, other services and applications on the LAN.

  • NFON UK is not responsible for diagnosing faults with the customer’s Internet access or internal network problems. The customer’s ICT Team or the 3rd party organisation maintaining or providing such services must resolve these before an incident ticket is opened with NFON UK.

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