What’s the deal with Cloudya?

What’s the deal with Cloudya?

2020 is proving to be a huge year for cloud telephony. BT is switching off its ISDN network and businesses are ramping up investment into their digital transformation programmes. The notion of having one supplier for both data and voice has never been more attractive.

In the UK, market cloud telephone penetration already amounts to 14 percent and it’s expected to increase by around 20 percent this year. Partners need to ensure that they have the right vendors and products on their books that are going to work seamlessly, with value-add features to boost revenue.

As one of the pioneers of cloud telephony, NFON has unrivalled experience into what it takes build an industry-leading cloud telephony solution. After ten years of development, followed by a year of fine-tuning by our developers and programmers at our headquarters, and testing by valuable partners, we launched ‘Cloudya’ to a fanfare reception last year. As Cloudya is based on WebRTC, updates to the entire Cloudya suite can be made available with minimal effort – regardless of the browser, operating system or app.

Cloudya is the culmination of our market leadership in cloud communications, and its design has been led by the three critical requirements:

  • Is it easy to use, manage and support?
  • Is it truly independent of location and device?
  • Is it reliable, high quality and secure?

Our CEO, Hans Szymanski, explains it best: "Cloudya is an important milestone in the history of the NFON Group. We are setting an example in the European market and laying the foundation for dynamic and constant development on the way to comprehensive UCaaS offerings from NFON."

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